Pet Loss: How to Remember Your Persian

Your cat is getting up there in years. It’s possible that he has an illness, is becoming less active, or simply refuses to eat. Your cat will soon cross what is known as the “Rainbow Bridge,” which is a place just this side of paradise where animals go after they pass away. You would like to remember your cat before he goes away, and the following are some ways you can do so:

A Journal: You can write about your pet and include the following items.

  • Whiskers: If you find your cat’s whisker, put it in a journal, and write about it. When did you find it? How old is it?
  • Fur: Yes, your cat sheds, of course! Get a piece or fur and put it in your memory journal.
  • Pictures: Get pictures of your pet and the Rainbow Bridge. Write about them. What was happening? When did you find them? Did you print them?
  • Ashes: You can go someplace and get your cat’s ashes. I heard of a place where you can turn your cat’s ashes into diamonds or something else. If you had it done, write about it.

Graves: Make a grave for your pet’s remains outside, possibly by flowers.

Web Pages: Make a web page for your cat. It can be very special, just for them! Write the address of your cat’s website in your journal.

Memorial: After getting your cat a grave, get some friends and neighbors on a special day and have a memorial. Talk about your memorial in your journal.

Prepare Foods: Prepare special things your cat would eat off your plate, such as chicken, fish, etc. Keep cans or bags of your cat’s favorite treats.

If you have lost a pet, you can remember him/her with your new journal and other keepsakes.

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