Basic Care: Flea Problems

Flea eggs may remain latent on the ground for years, developing only when the earth vibrates. Aside from a quake, the faint tremor indicates a passing animal. Food!
The eggs of fleas are translucent. People can’t notice them or pick them off. What most people mistake for eggs is really flea excrement, which is completely composed of blood. When the small black pellets are moist, they revert to their crimson liquid condition.

Chemicals are not required. Diatomaceous earth is completely natural and environmentally benign, and it will eliminate a flea infestation both indoors and outdoors. A solution of Neem oil (Tee Tree’s relative) performs better than any chemical repellent. It’s also a fantastic coat conditioner and the finest treatment/preventative for fungus like ringworm.

Fleas may be a great pain, but you must employ a chemical-based therapy. Make an appointment with a nearby groomer and ask them to give your cat a flea dip to bring the condition under control. If you prefer, you may give the cat a flea bath yourself. Consult your veterinarian about a safe dip to use; many over-the-counter dips and washes are too harsh for kittens, or for cats in general.

Make certain that all of your pets are treated at the same time. Remember that fleas spend 80% of their time on the carpet and ground/grass, therefore the surroundings must be treated at the same time as the kitten. Purchase a pest spray or a bug bomber for the home. Another option is to contact a pest control company and have them treat your house professionally.

You should consult to your veterinarian about anti-flea products like Program, Advantage, or Revolution. These products are typically offered to your pet once a month. These drugs inhibit fleas from laying eggs, preventing them from reproducing and spreading. Always have a flea comb on hand. It’s a good idea to run the comb through your cat’s hair on a regular basis to check for flea dirt. (Some people shave their Persians to make it easier to find flea eggs.)

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