Basic Care: Grooming

Persian hair maintenance is unquestionably difficult. An owner should brush his or her Persian at least once a day and bathe them on occasion. A neglected coat develops knots. If the knots are still in their early stages, you should be able to untangle them using a metal comb and some detangling solution. Such treatments are available in pet shops, as well as veterinary offices and groomers. Inquire with the salesperson about the product he or she advises.
If your cat’s knots are really bad, they will almost certainly need to be cut/shaved off. (Note: depending on where the knots are, this may result in unsightly bald areas.) Make an appointment with a nearby groomer to have the knots removed, or try to cut them out on your own if they are not too close to the skin.

If your cat is severely knotted all over, you might consider having him/her fully shaved, leaving around 1/2 to 3/4 inch of hair for insulation. That way, your cat will be able to develop a new coat and you will be able to keep it from the start. Visit the Grooming Tips area for more grooming advice.

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