Basic Care: Litterbox Problems

Litterbox issues are common in cats. There are several possibilities. Your cat has determined that the litterbox is a bad place for him to be. The box might be dirty, or he/she could have had unpleasant urinating or defection in it. Your cat might have been startled by a noise while using the box, or he or she could have been “ambushed” while in the box by another cat, a kid, a dog, or even you (if you were trying to capture him or her for whatever reason). This kind of aversion may need totally replacing the litterbox so that it does not remind your cat of bad events. You may need to purchase a new box, relocate it, and use a different sort of litter. Remember to keep the box clean by scooping every day and changing the litter every three days to once a week.

Other behavioral or physical changes, such as weight loss, apprehensive behavior, or changes in eating or sleeping patterns, may occur if stress is present. Punishment is not the solution to a litterbox issue. First, consult your veterinarian. Litterbox issues might be caused by health issues.

It has been suggested that booby traps put in the area of the soiling may deter pets from repeating the activity in the same spot. Two-sided carpet tape, which cats dislike walking on, a string of empty drink cans, little alarms set off by motion, balloons put up to explode against a tack on the wall if touched by the cat, and mouse traps hung upside down deliver a short, safe shock to the cat are among the tricks. Before putting up any traps, pet owners should contact with their veterinarian.

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