Basic Care: Sanitary Clip

Let’s be real. All of that lengthy hair around your Persian’s behind might be a nuisance at times. After a trip to the litterbox, you could detect “something” hanging on. A sanitary clip may save you and your cat a lot of grief.

It is simpler to leave it to a groomer or perhaps a vet. Because not all veterinarians or groomers will be able or willing to perform it, here are some basic guidelines for doing it yourself.

  1. Begin by properly brushing the cat, paying specific attention to the back end. As a result, the hair becomes untangled, and the cat becomes used to your presence in that region.
  2. Use tiny, sharp scissors. Begin by lifting the fur with a comb around the rear to prevent accidently cutting into the flesh. When trimming, leave the hair approximately 1/2 inch long.
  3. Then, leave approximately 3 or 4 inches of length on the back of the upper-rear legs and the underside of the tail.

To keep your cat occupied throughout the process, offer him or her a toy to play with or have another person assist in keeping the cat from making sudden movements.

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