Basic Care: Travel Tips

Are you planning a summer road trip? Here are some suggestions for making your kitty’s automobile ride as pleasant as possible.

  • Remove your cat’s food and water a few minutes before you leave. This reduces the possibility of an accident on the road.
  • Baby diapers should be used to line the carrier. It provides a smooth and pleasant ride and also aids in the event of an accident. (Use a sheet or big towel to cover the diapers.) This will keep the cat from scratching up the diaper and eating bits of it.)
  • Please keep an eye on the temperature of the automobile. It might be harmful for your cat if it becomes too hot.
  • Always have water on hand.
  • If you’re going on a long ride, bring some snacks.
  • Include a familiar toy in the carrier.
  • Talk to your cat often. He or she is certain to be distressed, and your voice will comfort him or her.
  • Stop for a few minutes every hour or so, if feasible. Take this opportunity to take your cat out of the container and offer him or her some comfort and attention.

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