Breeding Purebred Cats

If you are considering breeding purebred cats for the sake of financial gain, the first step you need to do is to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of this endeavour. Although the benefits are substantial and satisfying, not everyone should try their hand at breeding cats. People frequently have the erroneous belief that all that is required to breed cats is to simply let the animals mate. In point of fact, the reverse is true. Although making money through breeding is a possibility, this objective should not serve as the driving force behind the endeavour.

As a cat breeder, you must be responsible for the welfare and well being of your cats. Contingency plan should be in place to cater for unexpected changes. In the even of the owner backing out of a deal, you should have a ready place to keep the cat.

Besides having a sense of responsibility, you should also educate yourself well before going into breeding. Breeding purebred cats requires a great deal of knowledge about the written breed standards and general cat care. You need to find a seasoned mentor to work with, someone who has had prior experience with showing and breeding cats in order to become a successful breeder.

Breeding is also an expensive, time consuming and labor intensive activity, regardless of your chosen breed. The food isn’t the only thing that’s expensive, as the vet bills can also get expensive. Even though you may go through the entire pregnancy without going to the vet, you’ll still need de-worming and vaccination medicines as well.

Another factor to consider before breeding cats is whether you have enough space for breeding. If you have a small apartment, you shouldn’t attempt to breed a cat.

One last thing to take note is whether your family is agreeable to the idea of breeding cats. If you family objects, it’s going to take a heavy strain on your relationship with your family if you don’t have their understanding and consent.

After learning about these things, it can be concluded that breeding is an arduous task indeed. However, for those who are cat breeders at heart, all these hardships are worth the kittens they bred (not produced)! A cat’s life is more important than money. And it is more rewarding to see the kittens grow. The money earned is just an additional reward.

Breeding is not just about having many cats. It is about taking care of all of them. In short, there are a lot of factors to consider where breeding is concerned. If you have already set your mind on it and you want to breed, you should be certain that you have the proper knowledge and everything you need before hand. You should always be ready to handle anything associated with breeding and prepare yourself for the worst possible scenario.

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