Feline Household Dangers

Accidents in the house are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of cats each year, as well as the illness and injury of many more. These can happen for a variety of reasons, such as owners being well-intentioned yet mistakenly administering or feeding their cat something that is hazardous to them. For example, owners may miss household chemicals and risks. The likelihood of having an accident in one’s own house can be reduced significantly by increasing awareness of the dangers present and eliminating any and all potential threats. However, it is impossible for anyone to anticipate every risk, and regardless of how careful one is, accidents might still take place.

Be sure to maintain the phone number of both your veterinarian and an emergency clinic that is open after hours near your phone at all times. In addition, make sure you have the contact information for at least one of the Animal Poison Control Centres that serve your region. These 24 hour services are available to provide professional assistance over the phone in the event that you are unable to get in touch with anyone in your immediate area. (It’s important to note that these services all demand a price.)

Bear in mind that although it is clear that immediate assistance is required when a cat displays signs of being in discomfort, cats are by nature quite stoic and can effectively hide illness. Don’t take any risks or try to figure out what to do by guessing. Make an emergency call to the office of your veterinarian or to an emergency clinic as soon as possible for professional assistance and guidance.

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