Health Database: Teeth/Jaw Problems

Unfortunately, Persians can suffer from jaw and tooth issues. (This can also happen with other breeds.) Some argue that such issues are primarily the result of Persian breeders’ efforts to shorten the nose while retaining the strong, deep jaw.

Crooked teeth may cause problems in a Persian’s mouth. (Please keep in mind that crooked baby teeth can sometimes be replaced by straight adult teeth.) A protruding lower jaw is another potential issue. In other words, the bottom teeth protrude further than the top teeth. Another problem could be a twisting of the lower jaw. Teeth can protrude past the lips or poke into the gums or roof of the mouth as a result of such twisting.

In the hopes of resolving these issues, some breeders have been known to clip the Persian’s teeth. Clipping, on the other hand, is somewhat contentious. The possibility of bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing endocarditis must be considered. Please consult your veterinarian about safe, effective solutions if your Persian has teeth and/or jaw problems.

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