Health Database: Toxiplasmosis

Toxiplasmosis might cause problems for pregnant women! It is one of the few illnesses that may be passed between people and cats. The odds of catching it from your cat, on the other hand, are slim. (People are more prone to contract it through meals like pork.) Nonetheless, it is important to be aware that cats may transport it. You may have your veterinarian examine your cat using a stool sample. (It seems that cat feces older than 24 hours provide the most danger for this parasite.)

It is simple to prevent toxiplasmosis, and you do not have to give up your cats during pregnancy. It just needs that you have limited interaction with the feces of your cats. While you are pregnant, have your husband, a neighbor, or someone else change the litter box. Not only will this reduce your chances of developing this condition, but it will also avoid any difficulties caused by breathing in clay dust and trash residue.

Pregnant women should be aware that bird feces carry a parasite that is harmful to them! If you maintain birds, you should delegate the task of cleaning the bird cages to someone else.

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