Pashmina White Persians Guide

This particular white Persian is renowned for having a coat that is “softer than cashmere” as well as an adorable disposition. If you are seeking the Persian kitten that was featured in the advertisement for Fancy Feast, then you may want to have a look at our Chinchilla and Shaded Silver line of cats. Breeders not only sell white and silver Persians, but also a wide variety of other colors and patterns, such as the extremely rare cream chinchilla Persian, the black smoke Persian, the shaded torite Persian, and many more. In addition, the breeders are pleased to provide customers with a diverse selection of Himalayan kitten hues and patterns, including the highly desirable lynx point and bi-color Himalayan varieties.

The face of a typical Persian kitten is somewhat flat, and it has a short, snub nose. Although we recognize that everyone has the right to their own view, the doll-like face with more wide eyes is the one that appeals to us more. The face structure of the kitten is not only more visually beautiful, but it also makes it easier for the cat to breathe and feed. The snub nose seemed to be becoming more and more frequent with the breed, making it more difficult to maintain this breed’s characteristic lovely open face. Because we wanted to go on a new path with things, we came up with the idea to develop a breed that was unlike any other, and we called it the Pashmina.

The coats of the Pashmina White Persians have a texture that is described as being similar to a combination of the purest silk and the finest cashmere. In point of fact, pashmina is often compared favorably to cashmere in terms of its level of softness. When it comes to white Persians, there is nothing more desirable than a Pashmina White. No other white Persian comes close.

Eye colors are available in sapphire blue, gold topaz, and emerald green. The very uncommon duo-jeweled eyeballs are also possible.

The health, attractiveness, and personality of the Pashmina cat were taken into careful consideration when it came time to design this breed. The breeders were able to design the ideal pet by taking the most cherished characteristics of a number of different breeds of dogs. The long coat and outgoing nature of Persian kittens are combined with the placidity of Ragdoll kittens, the gorgeous doll face of British Longhair kittens, the smooth coat of Angora kittens, and the quiet demeanor of Pashmina kittens. You won’t find a more suitable companion animal anywhere else. The Pashmina Cat Association is the organization responsible for registering Pashminas.

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