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Cats are affectionate and playful, aloof and secretive, energetic and naughty all at the same time. They are felines!

Since the day, perhaps about four thousand years ago, when the first domestic cat established himself or herself at home on the hearth beside the fire, people have been captivated by cats. Myths and superstitions have been associated with cats from ancient times all the way up to our contemporary day. The ancient Egyptians revered them as gods, but people in subsequent ages saw them as portents of witchcraft and evil and dreaded them as a result.

There are still a surprising amount of modern-day misconceptions regarding cats, despite the fact that we may believe we have outgrown such old wives’ tales in our high-tech world. The following is a list of some of the urban legends that some people still believe to be true:

The phrase “no maintenance” pet best describes cats.

Because cats are litter-trained, some people assume that merely providing their cats food and water is enough. Not true! In addition to routine veterinarian care, cats need a great deal of affection and attention, which is equally essential.

Every Time A Cat Falls, It Will Land On Its Feet.

Cats have a good chance of getting back up on their feet after a little fall, but falling from a significant height is a different matter. In particular, upper-level windows and porches should not be accessible to cats, unless they are fitted with a safe screen. This is especially important in high-rise structures.

Cats Can’t Be Trained.

If left to their own ways, cats will, of course, do things in the manner that best suits them. The majority of cats, however, are amenable to training and may be trained to follow basic commands like staying off the furniture, avoiding eating plants, and not climbing on the kitchen counter. Results may be achieved by training that is repeated, mild, and persistent. Also, if a cat knows the ground rules and has an accepted outlet for his or her scratching impulses, such as a robust scratching post, the cat will be considerably less interested in scratching the furniture. This is because the cat will have an outlet for his or her scratching impulses.

The Ability To Freely Explore And Hunt Outdoors Is Essential To The Cats’ Sense Of Joy.

Playing, prowling, and pouncing are all activities that cats like doing, and they are able to do all of these things inside with you and a few toys, where they are safe from being attacked by other animals, sickness, traps, poison, and traffic. Indoor cats enjoy better health, more contentment, and more protection.

After being spayed or neutered, cats tend to gain weight and become more lethargic.

In most cases, cats, just like humans, end up being overweight because they consume an excessive amount of food and don’t get enough exercise. Cats that have been spayed or neutered tend to have longer lives and make better pets overall because of this medical procedure. They also do not contribute to the issue of pet overpopulation that exists in our nation, which results in the annihilation (killing) of millions of unwanted cats and dogs each year. It is not necessary to wait for a female cat to have already given birth to a litter in order to spay her; the procedure may be performed prior to the onset of her first heat cycle. It’s possible to do it as early as 8 weeks old.

Cats Have The Ability To See In The Dark.

There is no difference in the ability of a human or a cat to see in the dark. On the other hand, due to the structure of their eyes, they have superior night vision compared to that other animals.

A Collar And Tags Are Not Required To Be Worn By Cats At Any Time.

An identifying tag is a lost cat’s ticket home. In the event that your cat becomes lost, an identification tag should always be attached to his or her collar. This is true even for indoor cats. Many people who own cats are under the impression that a collar might do their pet harm. In the event that the collar gets caught on anything, a breakaway collar will allow the cat to free itself.

Infants Who Are Sleeping May Wake Up To Find Cats Sucking Their Breath.

Because cats are naturally inquisitive, they may try to climb into the crib to investigate the strange new wailing thing that their family has brought into the house. The baby’s breath is not something that Kitty will suck on. However, Kitty may have some feelings of envy, therefore it is important to ease into the introductions. Lots of lavish care can also assist convince the kitten that he/still she’s a valued part of the household. Even cats may be competitive with their own siblings.

Cats Are Quiet, Independent Animals That Don’t Require A Lot Of Attention From Human Owners.

Cats are domestic animals since they live in the house. They yearn for the company of humans and form warm relationships with the families that humans provide for them. They may not always show it, but that’s simply the feline way. If you don’t spend much time with a kitty, you’ll never know the gratifying and very unique connection that comes from treating a cat like a real part of the family. This is because you won’t get to experience a rewarding and special friendship.

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