Persian Cat Names List (Meanings & Suggestions)

The Persian cat has a long, luxuriant coat and is considered to be one of the most attractive breeds of cats. One feels the same sense of fulfillment from having a great piece of art as one do from owning a Persian. Because of their calm demeanor and ability to quickly acclimatize to new situations, Persians are often considered to be the most desirable breed of cat for showing. According to my observations, people in Iran are very conscious of their own attractiveness. They don’t speak much and, although not timid, are often reserved in their behavior. They are very loving and caring, which makes them great companions. They also come in a variety of colors, which adds to their appeal.

For more than a century, the Persian cat has been one of the most popular show cats. Both the judges and the audience were blown away by the charming, peaceful demeanor of these dogs as well as their long, flowing coats that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

“The ideal Persian should present an impression of a heavily boned, well balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft, round lines. The large round eyes set wide apart in a large round head contribute to the overall look and expression. The long thick coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuates the roundness in appearance.”

The Cat Fanciers Association Breed Statement

The Persian is not only one of the most famous and well-liked dog breeds in the world, but also one of the breeds with the longest history. As their name implies, Persians are indigenous to the region of the Middle East known as Iran, which was once known as the nation of Persia.

The Felis libyca is a species of cat that may be found in both Africa and Asia today, and many experts think that the domestic cat we know today is a direct descendant of this species. It was originally a brown mackerel tabby with short hair, but as it adapted to its surroundings, it underwent a number of early mutations, one of which resulted in the creation of a gene for long hair. Because it was thought that the earliest of these cats, the Persian, originated on the high, chilly plateaus of the nation that was then known as Persia, the Persian got its name from that.

Phoenicians and Romans brought cats to Europe in the 1500s as highly prized goods for commerce. Cats were already popular in Europe at the time. The Europeans, taken aback by the long, silky coat of the Persian cat, bred the cats specifically to ensure that the characters would be passed forward. Around the turn of the century, cats began to be sent to the United States, and ever since that time, their popularity has grown in every region of the globe.

The Persian is the most well-liked breed among the long-haired cats, followed by the Birman, Turkish Van, Ragdoll, Mayne Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, and Exotic. Other long-haired cat breeds include the Exotic, Mayne Coon, and Norwegian Forest Cat (short hair version of the Persian).

Even while short-haired breeds continue to exceed Persians in Australia, the breed is still very popular as a family pet and in the show ring, despite the fact that Persians are still outnumbered.

The Persian is a breed of cat that ranges in size from medium to giant and has very thick bones along with great balance.

Below is a list of meaningful Persian Cat names submitted and suggested by our fellow readers:

Farsi “Persian Cat” Names

  • BabrBabri (Tiger), 
  • Bala (Nuisance), 
  • Farang (Europe, European), 
  • Gorbeh (Pussy cat), 
  • Malus
  • Maloos (Loveable), 
  • Miau (Meewww), 
  • Moosh (Mouse), 
  • Naaz (Lovely, Beautiful), 
  • Nazy (Cute, Cutesy), 
  • Palang (Leopard), 
  • Pambeh (Cotton, Cotton Ball), 
  • PeeShePishyPisho (Pussy Cat), 
  • Roastam (A famous Persian Hero), 
  • Sefidi (Snow White), 
  • Sheitoon (Player, Naughty), 
  • Shir or Shiri (Lion), 
  • Shirrin (Sweet), 
  • Siah (Black), …

Other “Persian Cat” Names

  • I named my persian cat Snoocums because he looks like a little red fur-ball with a tiny pink nose. (GrumpiGirl)
  • My Persian cat.s name is Rocky. He is a red Persian with a lion cut and has an absolutely adorable personality…. – Brenda
  • I have a one year old, male, Silver Tabby Persian, named Oliver. – Keaton
  • Taffy is a cream colored Persian. Sassy is my calico’s name. She is brown with a milk mustache.
  • My Sweet Tortoiseshell Persian’s name is Miss Antoinette – Annie for short.
  • Sheba – Our silver persian — who is a gracious senior citizen at 15 — is named Beth’s Sheba for our daughter. Sheba has her own site: The life and Times of a prissy Persian
  • My Persian cat who I named Chatty Catty Doll, had a baby on March 16th. The baby is solid white so I named it Casper. Chatty Catty Doll is very pleased with her new arrival even if it was only one. Now she can finally CHAT her baby’s ear off instead of mine!
  • I have a 5 month old tortie persian. My little Jaida is just beautiful. Her CFA name is Jaida de les etoiles, which is French for Jaida of the stars.
  • I have a brown persian cat, named Brownie (its a female). (Ilda Morais)
  • my Persian’s name was Collie, because when I first got her she looked an awful lot like a Koloa bear. (Abiseid)
  • I have a 7-year-old silver shaded Persian whom I named Gandalf (Julia Steinbach)

Other “Cat” Names

  • Adonis, Bobby, Fery, Jaguar, Misho, Sabby ( Sabastian)
  • Illusions Tiny T-Bone ….he is a classic brown tabby and was very very tiny when he was a baby – Today a wonderfull 1 year old boy
  • Menestra (Spanish term for bean soup) multi-colored kitty
  • I named my cat MOOSH (Mouse) because she has a flat face. She is registered at the CFA and has full papers with this name. I like her and she has a fan club with people all over America. (
  • Gray cat w/long whiskers – Sergeant Whiskers.
  • Our blue-point Himalayan cats name is Woodruff.
  • My favorite Cat names – SebastionBlack BeautyEbonyPearlSunny. – Faith
  • Furby is a gorgeous tabby kitten- 6 mos. old. He looks just like the Furby toy. Everyone loves him and his name. (Sharon)
  • Sir Gizmo of McArthur Palace (Gizmo)

Contributions by: Camila Schmidt, Hamid Jalali, Marcela Conroy, Laurel Pruim, Roya Azimi, Siamak Bahador, Tooran, Jim Hougaard, Berit Elkjær, Shamsy Mirhosseini, Chris Auzenne, Chris & Amy, Assadollah Estabraghi, Boris M. Castillo

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