Pet Loss: Saying Goodbye

You may have read the first essay I wrote, which was on how to remember your pet after they have passed away. Even though memories are wonderful, there is always a bittersweet aspect to them. Saying goodbye. I will provide you with some facts that will help you deal with the major “goodbye.”

UNDERSTANDING: Many who lose pets have trouble understanding why ‘it had to be now,’ and much more. Ask yourself: Why did your cat die? If your cat was old, it was their time. If your cat was sick, remember that fate isn’t nice, and things happen. Try your best to remember that no cat could live forever anytime soon. Your cat will always be a hero in your heart.

HANDLING THE PAIN: It feels almost impossible to escape the pain of losing a pet. I am not sure how to fully handle this pain, but I can give you tips.Have Fun. Fun times with friends and more can help take your mind off the death of a pet; but you should never fully forget your furry friend.Get a New Cat. Fun with a new cat can remind you of times with your old cat. Again, no one can replace your fuzzy friend! But new cats always help.

THE LAST WORDS: Before your cat passed on, you told him/her you loved them, right? Remember that your cat heard that, and in heaven, your cat misses you as much as you may miss him or her. Your cat is going through the pain that you are, and is waiting for you. Your cat has not forgotten you, and never will.

THE RAINBOW BRIDGE: As many know, pets don’t go to heaven. They go to Rainbow Bridge. Many websites are about Rainbow Bridge. Look them up to understand more about where your pet is now.

I hope this little article has helped like my first ‘Pet Loss’ article did. Remember what you have read, and that it’s ok to cry over pet loss, but good to take action and understanding, too.

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