Raw Diet: Bacteria/Germs

There is an acceptable middle ground. To begin, it is critical to understand that Lysol is very harmful to cats. It is not permitted in my home. In fact, I only use bleach or vinegar to clean. Lysol accumulates in their fat and liver, causing serious health concerns.

There should be no serious risks as long as you handle the meat properly. If they push things off the plate, just place them on newspaper and roll the entire thing up to trash away after they’re finished.

Do not purchase ground hamburger, thoush, since it is likely to have greater amounts of germs, etc.

I ground entire chicken and bones, organ meat, vegetables, flax seed, and other ingredients together and freeze them in Gladware containers. Simply defrost it overnight on the counter and feed it at room temperature.

By the way, handling dry meals is definitely riskier than touching raw foods! At least in terms of bacteria. While the majority of the meal is cooked and sterilized, the coating of digest and oils is not, and you definitely don’t want to know what those oils are comprised of!

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