Raw Diet: Chunks vs Ground Meat

When you first start out, it may be incredibly confusing and daunting. Although “whole” prey is ideal, most humans and many cats are just incapable of doing so.

Small meaty bones (chicken necks, wing tips, etc.) and chunks of flesh are all useful for chewing, but this must be done under supervision, and some senior cats simply don’t like it.

It is critical to understand that, like commercial foods, there is no one correct technique to feed raw. I feel it is necessary to give a balanced diet, which contains some vegetable stuff… even if it’s only to increase fiber and simulate prey stomach contents

A ground diet is a kind of compromise between convenience and health. Everything is done at once by grinding the bone, organ meat, and any supplements/veggies you wish to integrate, and you can just serve out the meal. This may be supplemented with bigger meat portions for various meals throughout the day/week.

Keep things simple, I was advised when I had finally lost it. Consider what your cat might eat if it were in the wild. This is a little cat… It would feed on tiny rodents, insects, and lizards, with the rare rabbit caught by competent hunters. These are all entire little meals. They are unlikely to hunt down and consume anything bigger than a full grown rabbit, much alone a cow, deer, or sheep, thus when we feed these larger foods, we must ‘condense’ them into little packets including organs, calcium, stomach contents, and so on.

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